The Little Guys

I have been on these different forms of new media at various times for almost the past decade. My first social media place was Myspace. I got one when I entered middle school. It was the coolest thing back then. Shortly after though, bebo took affect. Bebo quickly became the new Myspace for my school. Then like all other schools we quickly adopted the Facebook fad. I have used other smaller sites though.

For example, Friendster, iLike, and MyYearbook. Friendster is basically like Facebook. You become friends with people you do know and don’t know. iLike is more like Myspace. It is solely based on music. The site is built so that you can listen to your favorite artists while also trying to find new music. The friend system is based mostly on adding people who share similar interests as you. Another staple of the site is their music game. The music game is quite similar to the app on Facebook Songz. The only exception is that you don’t pick the music genre that the questions are based on. Instead the game takes the questions off of what kind of artists you picked to “like.” MyYearbook is a social gathering of just people that you went to school with.

Reddit is something that I was just recently introduced to. My boyfriend is obsessed with it. It isn’t that interesting to me. I only like the AskReddit. This is basically where people go to post a variety of questions and reply/comment on them. Most of the ones that I look are purely made for comedic purposes. Other posts range from politics, careers, love, to deep thought provoking questions. Other than that subreddit I don’t see the point of Reddit.

I do not own a Pinterest account, my friends do. I just don’t see the point of it. It’s all just pictures. The only reason I would use it would be to either make a craft or find a recipe.

Podcasting was something I used quite often when I had an iPod. I would listen to the Podcasts made by musical artists that I liked. After my iPod broke I stopped listening to Podcasts.



“The Medium is the Message”

Marshall McLuhan was a micro-blogger. In other words he blogged short messages rather than like a journal entry. He popularized “global village,” “the medium is the message,” among other things. “The medium is the message” is referring to what we use to get our message across and how we use it. “Global village” is referring to how the world has been made into a village by electronic technology. He made predictions that came true about technology almost 30 years before it happened. Marshall is one of the role models of new new media.


YouTube is probably one of the biggest staples in my life. At least my musical life that is. I use YouTube and Spotify mostly. I did use iTunes, but then my iPod broke and I didn’t see the point anymore. YouTube is great because like any other music player you can create playlists, a watch later list, and favorites. It also has almost everything, from movies to music to comedy to just random videos. I can always be entertained for a few hours when I go to YouTube. My favorite videos are from artists, Jenna Marbles, CollegeHumor, and others that I can’t think of at the moment.


I have recently acquired a Twitter account. I haven’t done much other than add some friends, fellow classmates, and some comedic pages. I don’t have many followers as you can see. I am following a lot of people. I am still getting used to Twitter and figuring out how it all works. It is interesting how it all works, I kind of like how other people’s posts show up on my homepage. Feel free to follow me New Media...

Local Arts

The two new blogs that I looked at I found very interesting. They both have to deal with art. I love art, I actually dabble in photography. Mostly portrait photography, out with nature as my studio. My portfolio is on Facebook under Glorious Photos ( Anyways back to the subject at hand. the first blog Cassie Marie ( is a blog that is mostly like a portfolio for Cassie. She does photography, sculpture/figurine, and painting. Her artwork is very interesting I encourage everyone to visit her site.

The other blog is hosted by the Madison, SD Arts Council ( This blog mostly just updates users on the what the council is working on and art exhibits that are going on in town.

My Blog Stats

I have only made four posts other than the one that I am typing now. The topics are the ones that we discuss in class. Facebook, Media I’ve used, and I also have a quote that I like on here. I haven’t changed the template since I created this blog. I thought about changing it, but there wasn’t anything that I felt like changing it too. The comment settings are pretty broad. People can comment on anything that they’d like to. Below is a picture of all of the traffic that my blog has received. Not a lot as you can see. I don’t have any widgets. Although my blog does have the ability to share on Facebook or Twitter. It also has a like function that is just for WordPress. The only links that I have are the ones that link to other student’s blogs. I haven’t commented on any other blogs. I have looked at a few, but most generally I don’t travel through anybody’s blogs.Untitled


I find it interesting how he talks about offline friends and online friends. Offline friends are actual friends that you know or have at least met them once. Online friends are friends that you have only met online. I have never really understood the concept of friending people that you never met. Levinson talks about how adding people who only have common interests with him have helped him. Online friends now seem like they have a purpose. I always thought of them as a way of trying to beat your friends in who can have the most friends on Facebook. Now they serve a purpose. For example, they can help you promote a movie or book, or they can help on a term paper that you are writing. They add more resources to what you may already have.

He also talks about cleaning up your page. This is something that many people don’t think of doing. Most young people don’t realize that what happens on the internet stays on the internet. Everything is retrievable, even after you delete it. I think that more people should be aware of the fact that they are going to one day need a job, and any well-paying job is going to go through your Facebook page to see if you are an upstanding citizen and someone worth hiring.

My Media

Over the years I have used many different gaming systems, mostly because of my brother. I’ve had Nintendo 64, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and currently own an Xbox 360. I don’t play games on it all that often, because I just simply don’t have the time or effort. It is used as a DVD player more than anything. I also have a love for music so I have also owned various iPods. Most of them made it through my washer and are not here today.  I now put my music on my Brightside phone.  I also use my phone to take pictures. Although it doesn’t take pictures anywhere near as nice as my Canon Powershot. My Canon is how I make the most media. I love photography.

One of the Most Known

Like millions of others, I have a Facebook account. It started as just a new way to connect with old friends. Facebook makes it much easier to find people that used to be a big part of your life but for some reason or another have now lost connection. Afterwards, it became a way to be able to stay updated with a close friend that moved away. This is one of the two things that I do on Facebook. That and use the Facebook chat and video chat. The other thing that I do is maintain a page for my photography portfolio. It has not been updated in about a year though. Facebook is the only “new new” media that I use. I have been busy enough that if I were to start anything else it would not get the attention it deserves. I have been wanting to start a blog for a while but never got the time to create one. This class is the main reason that I started my blog.

“Today we are beginning to notice that the new media are not just mechanical gimmicks for creating worlds of illusion, but new languages with new and unique powers of expression.”
-Marshall McLuhan