The Little Guys

I have been on these different forms of new media at various times for almost the past decade. My first social media place was Myspace. I got one when I entered middle school. It was the coolest thing back then. Shortly after though, bebo took affect. Bebo quickly became the new Myspace for my school. Then like all other schools we quickly adopted the Facebook fad. I have used other smaller sites though.

For example, Friendster, iLike, and MyYearbook. Friendster is basically like Facebook. You become friends with people you do know and don’t know. iLike is more like Myspace. It is solely based on music. The site is built so that you can listen to your favorite artists while also trying to find new music. The friend system is based mostly on adding people who share similar interests as you. Another staple of the site is their music game. The music game is quite similar to the app on Facebook Songz. The only exception is that you don’t pick the music genre that the questions are based on. Instead the game takes the questions off of what kind of artists you picked to “like.” MyYearbook is a social gathering of just people that you went to school with.

Reddit is something that I was just recently introduced to. My boyfriend is obsessed with it. It isn’t that interesting to me. I only like the AskReddit. This is basically where people go to post a variety of questions and reply/comment on them. Most of the ones that I look are purely made for comedic purposes. Other posts range from politics, careers, love, to deep thought provoking questions. Other than that subreddit I don’t see the point of Reddit.

I do not own a Pinterest account, my friends do. I just don’t see the point of it. It’s all just pictures. The only reason I would use it would be to either make a craft or find a recipe.

Podcasting was something I used quite often when I had an iPod. I would listen to the Podcasts made by musical artists that I liked. After my iPod broke I stopped listening to Podcasts.



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